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Acceptable Use Policy

Information Communication Technology

As part of there training cadets will be engaged in a variety of online activities and will be using a variety of technologies. Cadets will engage in discussions and collaborative group work with their

peers, they will also access the World Wide Web and make use of digital cameras and video cameras to record evidence of their work.

Cadets will also be given user credentials given access to the Private section of the Duncraig BRWA website containing learning materials, photographs of all activities and news bulletins about activities.

To establish a safe space at cadets and online, everyone needs to uphold specific expectations for conduct online. As students of Duncraig SHS, cadets are bound by the School’s Acceptable Use Policy for ICT and the following points should also be noted and adhered to.

All cadets are expected to:

  • actively engage in the conversations taking place online.
  • read and think deeply about my peers’ ideas, questions, suggestions, and comments.
  • think carefully before responding to any email or post.
  • address fellow cadets by name when responding to their ideas.
  • respectfully disagree with ideas. Refrain from attacking peers because their ideas are different from or contrary your own.
  • be open-minded.
  • attempt to think “outside the box” to present new ideas and perspectives.
  • respect the privacy of your peers. Do not republish (i.e. cut and paste content from our discussions to other social networking forums) or discuss conversations that take place in unit.
  • All photographs on any DSHS BRWA website are for personal use on, and explicit permission MUST be obtained before using our photographs for any purpose other than personal memories of activities you have participated in.
  • Support fellow cadets in their learning process. Refrain from teasing or making fun of your peers.
  • Seek help from your leaders and/or the instructors if you have concerns or questions.
  • Only attach information (i.e. documents, images, videos, etc.) appropriate to the educational setting.
  • Submit work that is reflective of your intellect. Follow the appropriate conventions of English (i.e. spelling, grammar, sentence structure, word choice, etc.) to ensure that postings clearly communicate your ideas.

The following are not permitted:

  • reposting/sharing of photographs or documents from the DSHS BRWA website, Facebook pages or Team App.
  • sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures
  • using obscene language or offensive words
  • harassing, insulting or attacking others
  • violating copyright laws
  • using the school ICT resources, including Moodle/SEQTA for commercial purposes.
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