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Why the Chuditch has spots & why the Emus can't Fly

chuditch 02Once upon a time, when animals were half humans (superhumans) the Western Native Cat (the Chuditch) was married to Emu (Weitch).

One day the Chuditch was away hunting, as Men usually do, and the Emu stayed at the camp gathering Berries, as Women usually do.

While the Chuditch was away, along came the Possum.  He fancied the Emu and tried to entice her away.  He failed, but before he left he marked Emu with Ocre on her beak.

When the Chuditch returned, he saw the Ocre mark and in a fit of rage he built a fire and threw the Emu in the flames, burnt her wings and from that day on, Emus have been unable to fly.

Meanwhile, the Chuditch left to track the Possum.  After some time he found the Possum's camp but before he could spear him, The Chuditch was ambushed and was speared in his sides!

If you look at the picture of the Chuditch you can see the spear marks.  You will find also that the Possum now lives up high in the tree hollows and only comes out at night to avoid any Chuditch who wants revenge.

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